The  Administration Department has the responsibilities of working closely with the City Manager and Assistant City Manager on projects and policies to ensure that the laws of the city, ordinances, resolutions, and policies of the Board are faithfully executed and enforced. We work with the City Manager on keeping the Mayor and Board informed. The Assistant City Manager shall serve as City Manager in the absence of the City Manager.

Budget Development

Administration works with the City Manager and other department directors for the development of the budget in order to meet the goals established by the Board. They manage the legislative and administration budgets.


Administration has the responsibilities of working with the Mayor and City Council to maintain information and the distribution of information to staff, citizens, or other governmental jurisdictions regarding their official actions.

Public Relations

The Assistant City Manager manages creates and promotes a public relation platform through many social media outlets and the City website. Keeping the public informed on departments, meetings, programs, activities and facilities is a priority.   

Additional Responsibilities

We develop proclamations and resolutions and organize programs and ceremonies. Administration is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the municipal building, the Mount Airy Public Library, and the Andy Griffith Playhouse.