Public Education

The Mount Airy Fire Department plays a vital role in public education. We work to reduce the occurrence and severity of accidents / injuries in both the home and work place, through education and awareness. Educating the public is the most effective way to prevent the devastating effects of fires and other injuries. To accomplish this goal, the Mount Airy Fire Department delivers fire and life safety education for the residents, businesses, and visitors of Mount Airy.

Demonstrations & Videos

Each year the public education program offers fire extinguisher demonstrations to schools, local businesses and health care facilities. We offer an instructional video and a controlled live fire exercise that they may participate in.

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School Programs

Our public education programs range from interactive robots (Freddie the Fire Truck) teaching young children not to play with matches, having an escape plan in case of any emergency and also teach them about a meeting place outside of their home if a incident occurs and how important that is to the emergency personnel and to their family. We teach helpful hints for seniors on how to avoid trips and falls. We also have a Child Safety Trailer that is used to teach children not only fire safety tips, but also the proper steps to take in order to escape a house fire. We also take the safety trailer around to all city elementary and intermediate schools during National Fire Prevention Week. The Child Safety Trailer also goes anywhere in the county to help with Fire Life Safety programs when it is needed.

Station Tours

During the year we conduct numerous station tours for local boy scouts, girl scouts and day cares as well as other visitors. The firefighters take pride and dedication in explaining daily activities that are performed and a detailed demonstration of the fire truck and equipment.

Mount Airy Fire Academy

The Mount Airy Citizens' Fire Academy is on the web at SurryOnTheGo.