Staff Training

Currently, the Mount Airy Fire Department is staffed with 20 career personnel, 17 part-time personnel, three reserve personnel, and one administrative assistant. View department directory

The safety policy of the Mount Airy Fire Department is to provide and operate with the highest possible levels of safety and health for all its members. The prevention and reduction of accidents, injuries, and occupational illnesses are the goals of the fire department. This shall be the primary consideration at all times. These safety and health concerns apply to all members of this department and to any other person who may be involved in any Mount Airy Fire Department activity.

Department Training Hours
During the year 2012, to meet these goals, the members of Mount Airy Fire Department attended 6,875.5 hours of training. This averages to approximately 176.29 hours per person. 

The certifications that the employees of this department have obtained are a valuable asset to the City of Mount Airy and its citizens. The personnel of this department have compiled hundreds of hours to make our operations on the scene of an emergency as safe and efficient as possible. Each person strives to maintain the best training and knowledge to ensure prompt, professional, and efficient customer service to all the citizens and visitors of Mount Airy. Fire department personnel are certified in the following areas:

Personnel Certifications
Certified Area # of Personnel Certified Area # of Personnel
NC Level I Firefighters 32 Driver Operator Aerial 18
NC Level II Firefighters 30 Level 2 Instructors 18
Advanced Firefighters 9 Certified Fire Investigators 7
Leadership I 30 Level 1 Fire Inspectors 5
Leadership II 28 Level 2 Fire Inspectors 2
Leadership III 28 Level 3 Fire Inspectors 9
Certified CPR Personnel 35 Fire Officer 2 3
CPR Instructors 8 Fire Officer 3 1
NC Emergency Medical Technicians 33 Fire Life Safety Educator 3 3
NC Hazardous Materials Operations Level 35 Child Safety Technicians 2
NC Hazardous Materials Technicians 4 Wildland Firefighters 33
Technical Rescuers 8 Live Structural Burn Instructors 5
Emergency Vehicle Drivers 35 Live Burn LP Gas Instructors
Emergency Vehicle Driver Instructors 3 North Carolina Certified Rapid Intervention Team Specialists
Driver Operator Pumps 22    

NIMS Courses
All personnel possess all required NIMS courses as described in our general orders. Listed below are some of the organizations and departments where our members attended training in 2012:
  • Community Colleges throughout North Carolina
  • Virginia Department of Fire Programs
  • National Fire Academy
  • NC Office of the State Fire Marshal
  • NC Department of Insurance
  • Local and Regional Volunteer Fire Departments
  • Local and Regional Volunteer Rescue Squads
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • International Association of Arson Investigators
  • NC Department of Emergency Management