History of Reeves

Reeves Community Center is a public, nonprofit corporation and has been in existence since 1951. Reeves is operated by 11 fulltime employees. Funding is provided through participation packages, program fees, City of Mt. Airy, and many individual and corporate donors. 

Historical Milestones
There have been several milestones throughout the history of Reeves. In 1984, Reeves successfully raised over $1,000,000 to renovate the entire facility. In 1995, Reeves raised $450,000 to complete a 45' x 75' state of the art indoor pool. In 1996, Reeves again renovated the facilities to incorporate four new classrooms and a 5,000 square foot multipurpose area. In 2005, Reeves Community Center was incorporated to the Parks and Recreation Programs of the City of Mount Airy, becoming the new headquarters of the newly formed Mount Airy Parks and Recreation Department. With all this growth and support, Reeves continues to be the largest and most diversified recreation center in Surry County.