Citizens & Police Together

Opportunities abound in our area to strengthen our community together. This resource is available for the individual citizen to groups and businesses. We work with the public to educate, inform and join with citizens to reduce crime and its effects. Questions and issues you have can be addressed individually or in groups. Ideas and assessments for residential and business security are available. Other issues we can present information on include: personal security, avoiding becoming a victim of crime, vacation security, scams and fraud, robbery and theft prevention.

Anonymous Tip Information: How Crimestoppers Works

Telephone the Crimestopper number, 336-786-4000. The dispatcher will ask you for detailed information concerning a crime that has been committed or may be committed. You may leave your name and contact number or decline to reveal your identity. You will be assigned a number to use to identify yourself on future calls. You may call the police department back or check the newspaper to discover if an arrest has been made. If so, call 336-786-4000 and give your number, ask to speak to the Crimestopper Officer and request to be reviewed for a possible reward.

Case Review & Rewards

If the information you give directly helps to solve a case, a Crimestoppers' Officer will meet with the Crimestoppers Board and review the case. The board which consists of citizens decides how beneficial the information given was in solving the case and determines a reward amount to be given. You will be given a date to telephone back. After the Board decides if a reward is to be given you will be given instructions to go to a specific local bank. Once at the bank you ask for a bank official named by the Crimestoppers' Officer. You must, identify yourself to the bank official by using your Crimestopper ID number. You will then be given the cash award.

Mount Airy's Crimestopper Officer

The Crimestopper Officer who represents Surry County Crimestoppers is located at the Mount Airy Police Department. The information you provide does not have to be specific to Mount Airy. If the information applies to any other jurisdictions, including in other states, the Crimestoppers' Officer routes the information to the appropriate law enforcement agency.