History of Mount Airy

City Facts

The official seal of the city was adopted in 1977, depicting the diversity of some of our major industries at that time: furniture, textiles, and the granite quarry. After the city's incorporation in 1885, the granite quarry began large scale production 1889, the first furniture factory began work in 1895 and the tobacco factories sprang up all over town. July 15, 1976, Mount Airy's name was changed from the Town of Mount Airy to the City of Mount Airy.

Historical Town Officials

Approximately 732 persons voted in the first election after the Town of Mount Airy's incorporation. Elected officials on record for September 3, 1889 were as follows:

Elected PositionCitizen's Name
MayorH.C. Brown
CommissionersJames H. Sparger
W.E. Patterson
John L. Worth
R.T. Nutt
Anderson Creed
Chief of PoliceT.F. Dunnagan
Secretary & TreasurerJohn L. Worth
Street CommitteeJames H. Sparger
T.T. Nutt
A. Creed
Auditing Committee
H.C. Brown
J.H. Sparger
W.E. Patterson

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Claims to Fame

Mount Airy won the All America City Award in 1994 and was the first city in the nation to win the STAR award for its superb safety program. Mount Airy is also proud to be the home of a favorite son, Andy Griffith.

Mount Airy Today

The governmental affairs of the City of Mount Airy, North Carolina are run from a modern facility completed in 1978 and located at 300 South Main Street. The City of Mount Airy is a beautiful serene community located at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains; 


Our appreciation to Barbara Summerlin, editor of "Collections and Recollections" for allowing us to use information from this book pertaining to the history of Mount Airy. "Collections and Recollections" was published by the Mount Airy Restoration Foundation, Inc.