Planning Department


Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Planning Department is to provide the citizens of Mount Airy and the surrounding environs with a high level of land planning and community development services. Proper growth management and long-range land-use planning helps ensure that Mount Airy will grow in an economically and environmentally sustainable fashion. Various plans, codes, and policies, adopted by the Board of Commissioners, provide a framework to guide and coordinate the timing, location, and design of development and redevelopment activities. Special attention is directed to seeing that these activities occur in a manner which can be efficiently provided with urban services, enhance Mount Airy’s quality of life, and promote the overall public health, safety, and welfare.

Land Use Cases


Request by Malone Investments, LLC to have one (1) parcel located at 2007 N. Main Street rezoned from R-6 to R-4.

Planning Staff

The staff of the Planning Department is committed to giving timely, responsive, and courteous customer service. Please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to assist you.