Community Development

Duties & Activities

Responsibilities of the coordinator are carried out under the supervision of the Planning Director to direct activities of the city and other matters relating to the general area by participating in all elements of the city's programs and activities related to community development. Duties include:

  • Directs all activities related to community development
  • Oversight for multiple projects including water extensions and improvements
  • Oversight for sanitary sewer system projects
  • Reviews ongoing community development projects to determine progress and quality of work being performed
  • Recreation development
  • Economic development
  • Tourism development, community development, infrastructure development, and downtown vitality
  • Work involves the inspection and reporting on work of outside contractors, monitoring field construction projects for compliance with plans, specifications and regulations of funding agencies
  • Communication with public, agencies, surveyors, engineers, and contractors
  • Maintenance of proper records / reports
  • Manage community improvement projects such as park development
  • Prepare grant documents related to varied municipal community / economic development activities

Department Purpose

The objective of the Community Development Department is to enhance the quality of life for citizens in Mount Airy and the surrounding area; assist with the implementation of development in Mount Airy; support in the recruitment of industry; improve opportunities for housing and recreation; and extend infrastructure.