Mapping (GIS)

The City of Mount Airy uses GIS (Geographic Information Systems) that consists of utility data, zoning data, city districts, fire and police districts etc., along with parcel, flood, voter districts, and many other datasets that are supplied by Surry County Government. The GIS software currently used by the city is ArcGIS. Shapefile data is available upon request by contacting us at An online interactive version of this data can be found at the Surry County GIS link below.

User Agreement

A user agreement has to be signed before any data can be released. Download a copy of this agreement (PDF).

Disclaimer Notice

The licensee agrees to display the following note on printed maps, digital web pages, or other reproductions utilizing the geospatial data: "This is not a survey product. The information is derived from the City of Mount Airy GIS databases. The Steward does not assume any liability for damages arising from errors, omissions, or use of this information. Users of the data are advised to be aware of the locational accuracy, data collection dates, compilation methods, and cartographic format. Users are advised to use the data appropriately."

This disclaimer shall apply to any authorized or unauthorized transfer of all parts of the geospatial data.

Data Distribution Policy

The City of Mount Airy GIS data is considered public records. Upon request, the City of Mount Airy will provide digital copies to anyone requesting data, with the cost being for media and the personnel's time.