Grounds & Maintenance

The City of Mount Airy Parks and Recreation Grounds Maintenance Division sets our city apart from others its size.  How many others with a population of 10,000 offers 6.6 miles of greenways, 7 parks, 8 ball fields and plantings of over 12,000 annuals in public landscape beds?  We are proud to hear comments from citizens and visitors alike about how flowers, parks and greenways make them feel welcomed and appreciated.  People are attracted to attractive places.  People are attracted to places they can use.  We celebrate the use of our parks, greenways and cemetery.  In the Grounds Maintenance Division, we make a statement:  someone cares about this place!  We all unite in wanting someone to care about us.  People feel better about themselves and their community when they are surrounded by beautiful plants and clean usable parks.  The Grounds Maintenance Division encourages citizens to get outside – enjoy changing seasons, tall trees, birds, flowers, bees and butterflies.  Play pickle ball, fish, kayak, bike and walk your dog.  We believe in the powerful connection between people and nature and are excited to be a part of what links the two together in our city.


Luke Danley


Luke Danley is the Grounds & Maintenance/ Cemetery Supervisor. Luke also serves as staff liaison to the Appearance Commission and the Cemetery Commission. He is responsible for selling grave plots as well as laying off plots. The city also has a 68-niche columbarium that can hold cremation remains. View costs of plot / niche here.

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Divisions & Staff

The City of Mount Airy Grounds & Maintenance Department consists of the following divisions:

  • Beautification
  • Mowing
  • Parks
  • Cemetery

There are 6 full time employees including Supervisor, Michella Huff, in the Grounds & Maintenance Department with five seasonal positions during the growing/mowing season. This department also serves the 12-member Appearance Commission and the Cemetery Commission.


The Beautification Division is responsible for planting and maintaining various city-owned lots. They also plant and maintain 76 downtown hanging baskets, 42 planters, 14 half baskets and hayracks, and 28 beds throughout the city. Each year the division plants over 7,000 annuals. The hanging baskets take a lot of care and maintenance with over 800 hours spent on them each season. The baskets are placed on the street in mid-May and removed in mid-October. This division is responsible for keeping the streets and sidewalks clear of weeds as well.


For all Oakdale Cemetery matters please contact Luke Danley at 336-786-8313 or  We have standard plots for sale as well as columbarium niches and mausoleums.  Standard in ground burial plots are $1,500 each.  Columbarium niches are $1,000 each for a single urn or $1,500 for a double urn interment.  Mausoleums are $6,500 per crypt for the front side and $5,500 per crypt on the back side.  For the columbarium and mausoleum, all prices include etching of the cover and opening and closing fees.


The Mowing Division is responsible for keeping city rights of way clear by way of bush hog, sidearm, and other tractor-type mowing. They also maintain numerous city-owned properties as well. These employees are responsible for mowing overgrown lots that may be abandoned by notice from the codes officer. The mowing division clears overhanging limbs and other plant material from street sidewalks so that visibility is not a problem.