Health & Wellness

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Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness Supervisor

Shaina Puckett



Mount Airy Parks and Recreation strives to offer a variety of group fitness classes, strength and cardio equipment, weight loss and exercise programs for all ages and fitness levels! 

The Reeves Community Center Facility includes:  

  • Nautilus Equipment Room with over 60 Cardio and Strength Training Machines.
  • Free Weight Room fully loaded with dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells and plate loaded equipment.
  • 2 Basketball Courts with 6 Basketball Goals and 3 Pickleball Courts
  • Indoor Pool & Outdoor Pool
  • Aerobics / Group Fitness Room
  • Cycling Room with Black Lights
  • Nursery, Fit n' Fun Rooms for Childcare / Exercise
  • Multi Purpose Kidz Klub room for Childcare and Group Fitness Classes
  • Racquetball Court
  • Functional Fitness Room
  • 2 Youth Locker Rooms with Showers
  • 2 Adult Locker Rooms with Showers and a Sauna

If you are Looking for a personal trainer to work with, we have them! All of our personal trainers are certified and ready to schedule a time with you. (Please note: personal training is not included in your membership package. Contact Shaina to be scheduled with a personal trainer.)

Mount Airy Parks and Recreation is also excited to offer special programs such as Kids Fit (*seasonal) for ages 10-15 , and The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge (*Seasonal). Such programs are shorter, usually 8 weeks in length, but pack a powerful punch to your weight loss and nutritional goals. With all our fitness opportunities there’s no room for excuses! Get started today!

In addition, MAPR / RCC is proud to offer a variety of services to our members. Our facility offers:

  • Free Weight Room
  • Strength and Cardio Room
  • Group Fitness / Aerobics Room
  • Functional Fitness Room
  • Spin Room
  • Basketball Courts
  • Fitness Equipment Demonstration Sessions
  • Racquetball Court
  • Inside & Outside Pools
  • Sauna
  • Support Groups
  • Ping Pong
  • Nursery
  • Youth Fit-N-Fun
  • Weight- Loss Program
  • Holiday Classes
  • Day Passes
  • Indoor Soccer
  • Swim Lessons
  • Water Wellness Classes
  • Low Impact Workout Classes
  • Yoga Classes
  • Cardio & Strength Classes
  • Youth & Adult Sports
  • Corporate Packages
  • After School Program
  • Workshops
  • Personal Training
  • Summer Camps
  • Contracted Programs
  • Parties
  • Silver Sneakers
  • Pickleball
  • Pee Wee Power



RCC Nautilus and Free Weights Room

  • Top Quality Nautilus Facility with over 60 Cardio and Strength Machines
  • A Separate Free Weights Room with a complete selection of dumbbells, kettlebells and plate loaded equipment
  • Variety of cardio machines: Air Assault Runner, Star Trac Treadclimbers, Jacobs Ladder, Arm Bikes, NEW Octane Seated Ellipticals, Octane Lateral X, Precor AMT, Life Fitness Treadmills, True Alpine Climber, Concept 2 Rowers, Cybex Arc Trainers, NEW Star Trac Recumbent Bikes, Stairmaster Step Mills and MORE!
  • Strength Selections include Nautilus "ONE' full body circuit machines as well as some classic Nautilus Next Generation Series Machines, Multiple Cable Crossovers, Hoist M17 Functional Trainer, NEW Torque 4 man rig, NEW dumbbells, kettlebells, plate loaded benches, smith machine, dual action smith machine, Rogue Olympic Platform, Hyperextension, Roman Chair, incline and flat bench, multiple universal benches and MORE!

Come see all that we have to offer!

Group Fitness Class Schedule

Monthly Updates will be made to the Group Fitness Class Schedule. Follow the Mount Airy Parks & Recreation Facebook Page for the most recent updates! Mount Airy Parks & Recreation Facebook Page or join the Reeves Community Center / MAPR Fitness 411 Facebook Group


The Choose to Lose class is a recurring program with the goal of leading all participants to a healthier lifestyle. It has been known by many names: The Biggest Loser, Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge and Choose to Lose. We look forward to offering a revamped program in January 2023 to help you reach your New Years' Goals!
Choose to Lose

RCC Group Exercise Descriptions

Aerobix Plus+:  It will only take 1 hour (4%) out of your day to get a great cardio and toning workout using a variety of fitness equipment and exercise techniques in this class that is always different for optimal results.

Barre:  This class mixes elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and functional training. You’ll use the barre and exercise equipment such as mini-balls and small hand weights to sculpt, slim and stretch your entire body.

Barre & Beyond Class:  Expanding on traditional Barre class but taking it beyond with a little more strength training!

Body Kindness Yoga: .Reminding ourselves to pay attention to our body and how it feels in this moment is part of the yoga practice. In Body Kindness Yoga we take things slowly and try to be mindful about where sensation occurs and how to stop there. There are many variations of every pose and taking the time to find the one that works for your body today is a kindness. Because every day is different for all of us. And learning to take note of where we are and address ourselves with gentleness is a life long journey. This is an hour long class where we use lots of props and don’t take ourselves quite so seriously. It is beginner friendly and open to anyone who is curious and brave and wants to try it out.

Complete Fit:  The name says it all.  This 45 minute head to toe workout will hit strength and cardio

Core & More: This class is just what the names says! Sculpt and build your core while incorporating other muscles groups!

Core De Force Live™: High energy, non-contact format that mixed martial arts inspired cardio drills, with explosive power moves for a full-body conditioning workout. Cardio spikes burn major calories. And your own body weight provides resistance—no equipment needed.

Fit Camp:  When you are ready to step up the intensity and push your fitness to the next level, boot camp is for you.  Experience exercises that you never knew existed! *Family Friendly

Functional Fitness:  Functional exercise allows our bodies to perform the way in which they were engineered. The Functional Fitness exercise class challenges you to the “core”.  It incorporates all of the major muscle groups as well as the muscles you never knew you had!  You will get efficient; quality functional movements that will enhance not only the “trouble areas” but also it will nourish your spine, revitalize your postural muscles and strengthen your core with every movement.  You will leave the class feeling as if you have been challenged in every way; feeling refreshed and re-energized as your metabolism speeds up and your posture, strength and flexibility all improve.

Hip-Hop/Cosmic Cycling:  Join this rockin’ Stationary CYCLING class for new, high energy, bumping music and tons of fun! All cycling classes are taught under black lights to up your experience.

Insanity©:  INSANITY uses body weight- MAX Interval Training, which replaces traditional moderate-intensity exercise with maximum-intensity exercise and trades short intervals of intensity for short periods of rest.  *Modifications will be available to accommodate different fitness levels.

Low Impact Shape:  Low Impact strength & balance conditioning that also works core strength.

Max Burn 30: Heart pounding. Calorie scorching. Total Body Metabolic Training in 30 minutes! Get in. Get it done and get out.

PeeWee Power: FREE!!! Up to 5 years of age.  Activities include movement, music, gymnastic movements, sports exercise, games, listening and cooperation. And lots of FUN and smiles!

P90X©:  Based on the science of MUSCLE CONFUSION, this high intensity class will get you ripped! *Modifications shown for all fitness levels.

Pilates:  Don’t let this low-impact class fool you.  You will increase muscle flexibility, balance, strength and tone.  Give it a shot, you won’t regret it!

Silver Sneakers Classic:  A total body conditioning class offering exercises for the upper and lower body designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement and activities for daily living (ADLs). Resistance tools and a chair for seated and standing support are used to increase the effectiveness of functional skills and abilities needed for independent living.

Tabata: One of our most popular formats here at RCC! Class time is 45 minutes of High Intensity Intervals of 20 seconds exercise and 10 seconds rest, repeated for 8 “rounds”. Scientifically proven to burn fat and not muscle.

TurboKick©: This mixed martial arts/kickboxing fusion class will work muscles you never even knew you had, while burning a ton of calories to pumped up music that will keep you energized like no other class! Average class calorie burn ranges from 600-1,000 calories!

Yin Yoga:  targets the deepest tissues of the body, our connective tissues - ligaments, joints, bones, and the deep fascia networks of the body - rather than the muscles (which are the physical focus of Yang yoga practices). Energetically,Yin yoga improves the energy flow, enhancing the flow of chi in the organs.  *Applies to all abilities.

Yoga:  This class offers wonderful health benefits.  Calm your mind and reduce your anxiety while increasing balance, strength and flexibility.  *Applies to all abilities. 

Dance Fitness / Zumba©:  This new fitness class combines Latin and International dance techniques into a fun cardio fitness experience. It is truly EXERCISE IN DISGUISE!

FREE Fitness Equipment Demonstration Sessions

  • Learn how to use RCC exercise machines, cardio equipment and more.
  • Our fitness staff will help you get started with a free exercise program design based on your exercise experience, goals, and limitations.
  • An orientation appointment will be available upon request. Call or schedule an appointment with the RCC front desk to inquire and set up your orientation time.

Personal Training

  • Choose from any one of our certified and knowledgeable Personal Trainers to help you reach your goals. We have someone for everyone! Morning or evening.
  • Our Personal Trainers are independent contractors so you may schedule and pay them directly.
  • Personal Training is for RCC members only or a drop in fee must be paid each training session in addition to the trainers fees.
  • For a list of our current trainers and their contact information please visit our personal training section.

Fitness Opportunities for Youth

The latest session has completed. Stay tuned for future offerings of Intro to Strength Training!
Flyer January 2022

Childcare Nursery

Contact RCC at 336-786-8313 for more information. There are limited spots so reservations are recommended.

  • Ages 6 weeks to 5 years.
  • Children enrolled in Kindergarten must attend Fit N Fun. Any questions please contact the MAPR Family Services Supervisor, Kim Wilson.
  • Child must be part of family membership package or have an individual youth membership package to participate.
  • 2 HOUR LIMIT PER DAY while parent is exercising.
  • All Staff is CPR/First Aid Certified.
  • Located upper level of RCC, across from the Group Fitness Room.

Fit-N-Fun Zone

Contact RCC at 336-786-8313 for more information. There are limited spots so reservations are recommended.

  • Interactive fitness for ages Kindergarten - 13.
  • This room is supervised by an RCC staff member that is CPR/First Aid certified, so you can drop off the kids with peace of mind and they can exercise while you do!
  • Included with family membership package or purchase of a day pass to participate.
  • Fit-N-Fun is located near the basketball gym on the lower level of RCC.
  • Interactive games, machines and workout challenges for your kids to have fun while being active!


silver sneakers class 1

Active Older Adults/Seniors

Healthcare Reimbursement Programs:

  • Silver Sneakers
  • Silver and Fit
  • United Healthcare *AARP Supplement / *Renew Active Complete

*Contact your insurance provider to see if you qualify or stop by the Reeves Community Center front desk and our friendly staff will be happy to help!

Silver Sneakers Classic Fitness Class:

Every Tuesday and Thursday 11:00am, located in the upper level of RCC in the Aerobics Room

pickeball 1


What is Pickleball?

A paddle sport created for all ages and skill levels. The rules are simple and the game is easy for beginners to learn, but can develop into a quick, fast-paced, competitive game for experienced players. A fun sport that combines many elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong.

Pickleball is one of the Fastest Growing Activities among our Active Older Adult/Senior Demographic!

Come and join in on a game! Our current players are always eager for new faces and to teach pickleball skills to anyone wanting to learn!

RCC Pickleball Schedule:

  • Mondays and Thursdays: 8:00am -11:30am *Entire Gym
  • Wednesdays: 8:00am - 11:30am *Two Courts unless otherwise noted
  • Equipment provided - first come, first serve

Take it outside! Mount Airy Parks and Recreation's NEW outdoor pickleball courts are open for play!  *Located at Riverside Park and observes park times

riverside new courts

Yadkin Valley Senior Games

Contact RCC for information on upcoming Senior Game events.

  • Ages 50+
  • Sports, Games, Heritage and Silver Arts
  • Games are held annually in May and June
  • Registration will be open March 1st - March 31st each year
  • For more information click here
pickleball senior games
senior games 2018