Field Reservations


Revised May 27, 2014

All reservations and rentals must be scheduled through the front desk at Reeves Community Center. These can be made in person or over the phone at (336)786-8313. In order to reserve a date, a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the fee must be paid a minimum of 9 days in advance (The Friday before the next weekend to have a weeks’ notice for staff to be scheduled). The remainder of the payment must be paid by the two business days prior to the reservation date or the reservation will be released.

For tournament reservations, proof of liability insurance must be shown at time of the reservation. All tournaments must have liability insurance for a minimum of $1,000,000.00 and must be submitted for each tournament. All reservations forms must be filled out for each tournament held.


Softball/Baseball Fields (Initial Drag & Line is included in field rental fee)

                                                                        Resident                                        Non-Resident

Full Day/Per Field                                               $75                                                $94

 w/ Lights add Per Field                                       $35                                                $44

 Additional Drag & Line Fee                                 $10/each                                        $13/each

Soccer Fields

 Full Day/Per Field                                              $45                                                 $57

 w/ Lights add Per Field                                       $35                                                 $35


1. Mount Airy Parks and Recreation Department reserves the right to prioritize scheduling for Mount Airy Parks and Recreation athletic leagues based on staff availability. City staff will be responsible for lining fields for tournaments and the coordination of lights, when necessary. Both lining of fields and lighting requests need to be within 9 days of the reservation date and are non-refundable items.

2. Groups using park facilities will abide by all Mount Airy Parks and Recreation Departments Rules and Regulations. The tournament director is responsible for enforcing the rules and will supervise the conduct of all participants. Alcohol has been a problem in the past; therefore, if evidence of alcohol consumption is prevalent, the tournament director may be prevented from booking future tournaments.

3. Park reservation fees are non-refundable. If a reservation must be postponed due to adverse weather, an attempt to credit the renter’s account and reschedule the booking will be made. If the tournament is rained out, the renter must contact the Reeves Community Center Front Desk within 2 business days to notify staff of the weather related rescheduling.

4. Mount Airy Parks and Recreation Department’s Park facilities open at sunrise and close at sunset.

5. Acceptable methods of payment include: Cash, Debit/Credit Card, and Checks made payable to Reeves Community Center and will be paid in advance. Required deposits are non-refundable.