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Ararat River Greenway

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  1. Canoe Launch
  2. Pavilion
  3. Picnic Tables
  4. Restrooms
  5. Soccer Field
  6. Trails


This project created updated facilities at Riverside Park that includes a canoe launch, an environmental park (HB Rowe Environmental Park) on Hamburg Street along with two soccer fields, canoe take-out and greenway at the Tharrington site. Benches and picnic areas are placed along the way in addition to an educational pavilion and restroom facility at the Hamburg site. The greenway length is approximately 2.2 miles.

Ararat River Restoration, Greenway & Parks Project

This project provided restoration along the Ararat River from Riverside Park to Highway 52 in Mount Airy. The greenway begins at Riverside Park and continues to Tharrington Elementary School.

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